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Safeguard your retirement with our pension review service

In today’s world few people enjoy a job for life anymore. In fact, research predicts that workers will change employment up to 15 times before retirement.

As a consequence, people often have several different pension pots and it can be really hard to keep track of exactly where your money is invested and whether it is in the right plan for your individual needs.

At Obiter our independent financial advisers have 30 years’ experience helping clients navigate the often baffling world of pension investment.

We can advise you on whether to merge, consolidate, combine or transfer your pension pots to make for a wealthier, happier retirement.

Our specialists understand that every client’s circumstances are different. They will analyse your personal situation, listen to your hopes and goals for retirement and offer sound advice on whether it would be better to transfer some or all of your separate pension pots into a single plan or leave them where they are.

Often having your pension investment in one place can save you the hassle and paperwork of managing several different plans. It can also make it easier to see how your investment is performing.

Anyone thinking about pension consolidation should consider:

  • How much do I need to save to get the monthly income I want in my retirement?
  • How are my current pensions performing?
  • What charges are applied to my current pension plans?
  • How regularly is my pension performance reviewed?

All our advisers are truly independent, trustworthy and honest. They are not in the business of selling products, rather they scan the market to find the best bespoke pension investment solutions for you.

And our work doesn’t stop once we’ve helped consolidate your pensions. We will regularly review your pension investment, recommend changes and be on the end of the phone to handle any queries or concerns that may arise.

For a no obligation conversation about your pension, get in touch today to speak to one of our specialist financial advisers.

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